Saturday, May 25, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

I can’t believe it is Memorial week-end!  It seems this year is flying by.  In honor of the holidays that are dedicated to the celebration of our country, I thought I would share this rug.  I hooked it back in 2003 and had prepped the edge to add a braid, as I had just learned how to do that. Well I never got the braid added and over the years, braiding was not my thing, so it sat unfinished. I am trying to finish unfinished projects, so I had been thinking about how I was going to finish this one.

After searching for several months, I found this wonderful red, white and blue trim at a local fabric store.  It appeared a little bright so I toned it down with Walnut crystals.  This trim consisted of the twisted rope attached to a binding as you can see in the picture. I thought it would work great to finish it.

I hand stitched the braid edge to the edge of the rug with the binding covering the raw edge of the rug.  Then hand sewed the binding down on the backside of the rug.  The challenge of the trim was figuring out how to finish the two ends. It was too bulky to just wrap it over to the backside so I ended up butting the ends together and covering with a piece of blue wool.

Here is the back side of the rug.

 It is virtually invisible from the front side. I like this finish so much better and feel the simplicity of the rug needed this special finish.

 Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog!
I wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday!



  1. wonderfully simple rug Cammie...a very nice finish...I'm working on all my unfinished quilt projects...ugh..happy weekend!

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